Unmindful Mindful

Today I will opine about my idiosyncrasy of being impetuously methodical, a trait quite unusual.  Sounds weird! But that’s my latest syndrome. I can’t help it. My devise of being unrealistically strategic works wonders. People take me to be gullible at times but my so-called gullibility is actually an invent to hoodwink others. I put up an innocent mask and try to ascertain facts and with my new idiom develop my own perspective.

Well!Well!Well! Clever me. this is the way to comprehend in modern times the predicament or otherwise. People try to explain things which I probably know and gives a better insight of things which gives me an edge over my competitors. I try the unmindful act and make others open up about facts in an elaborate manner so as to educate me perhaps.

My beguiling smile and innocent pout puts me in an advantageous position and the onlooker graciously delineates the whole process in the most affable and gallant way to make understand the matter. This is actually a good ploy to make people talk and I listen in awe to gain more info on the subject. My catchphrase is, “Look I’m not that savvy with such and such thing. Could you please explain the matter?” The onlooker feels that he is more knowledgeable and thus tries to enrich me.

In the corporate world this works like alchemy and while pitching top-notch clients my attitude puts them in a far superior position and they instantly feel at ease and gain momentum. My elevator pitch is not like the quintessential placing of my own credentials in a spectacular way. I try to make them feel spectacular and let them do the talking. My energy stays intact and I make a mental note of their story. They speak in a professional to quite unprofessional manner gradually which I enjoy. Thus, the narrative of advertising begins with flourish and accelerates.

In my personal arena too, the same ploy is used. But that doesn’t mean that I know everything. There are lots of things that I learn in the process. It’s like thistle and thorn process. I let my hubby do the talking and I become the avid listener( which I really enjoy) and give him the importance he deserves. One must allow the other person to blabber as it gives them a feeling of being important. I behave as if I’m not that sagacious and that I”m unmindful; but Beware! I’m no fool. I take my learning lessons from my associate and lo! I become unintelligent intelligent. Or, maybe dull-wittingly witty. Mindlessly mindful I would say.

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