The Sound of Happiness

it is the nature of the people to ponder, to introspect or wonder about happiness. A fragile concept which can be a dangerous behemoth or unlocking a world of gaiety. Learned men, comedians or scientists have given us deep insights into the realm of joyousness… that it is not static and the best possible way is to look inward for that inner peace.  It’s about living and learning… something like Dickens’ humour and pathos enabling us to experience both exuberance and   pain to truly decipher  the essence of happiness.

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”, opined by Abraham Lincoln illuminates the concept. The harmony between a man and his attitude towards life, the way he intends to lead his life, his state of mind or feeling characterised by contentment, satisfaction or peace.

Elusive, I would say, like a butterfly, sometimes beyond our grasp and fleeting, happiness often sneaks into our life suddenly and is mostly temporary. But hopeful that we are the quest for happiness continues and this aspiration keeps us going!



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